Top 5 Tips to Beat The FLU (& 3 Things To Stop Doing)

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The cold season is already underway here in Dubai and all around the UAE . And that means THE FLU of course. But need not worry , here at JPR Home Health Care we know that your health and wellbeing starts at home, and so today we’re going to give you some tips on how to take care of yourself and your family when it comes to flu.

5 Things To Do At Home To Care For Your Cold:

1.Drink Enough Water For Better Health

Drinking enough whether in the form of juice , broth or just water plus honey & lemons , can help sooth you and provide enough hydration for all your daily activities as well as prevent congestion . But make sure to avoid any liquids that might contain too much sugar or salt like processed chicken broth from the super market or artificially sweetened juices that come ready in boxes from the super market .

2.Gargle with Salt Water

Salt is a natural anti-bacterial . Adding some to water and then using that to gargle can help sooth the feeling you get with sore throat .

3. Humidify Your Home Air

Dry air can affect your nose negatively as it dries the mucous membrane that cover the insides of your nostrils and helps protect them from being infiltrated with foreign materials , including viruses and bacteria . Use a humidifier whenever possible to help protect that mucous layer and decrease your chance of getting a cold . If you don’t have a humidifier , you can simply just place a big bowl of water next to a heat source , when the water evaporates due to the heat, the resulting vapour will get locked in the air and make it less dry .

4.Lozenges , decongestants & Pain killers :

There are countless countless over the counter drugs under different brand names that will help ease the cold symptoms . For example you could ask your pharmacist for an anti-histamine drug if your feeling particularly congested .

And there are lozenges that help with sore throats as well . You just suck on them ,and ingest the resulting fluid . They come in multiple flavours , like strawberries, honey& lemon (my personal favourite) , and many others. So there’s somewhat of a silver lining to having cold after all !

5.Take Some Time Off for Your Health & Self Care:

We don’t mean you should skip work or school of course , that is unless you’re really sick or your symptoms are particularly severe. What we mean is that you should maybe rain check on that night out with friends and have some good night sleep instead . This will help in boosting your immune system and natural defences .

What Not to Do When Home Caring For Your Cold :

1.Don’t Take Antibiotics

On top of our list of course are antibiotics .These type of pills or caps work only for bacterial infections , as that’s what they’re designed to fight . Cold , or flu , is mostly caused by viruses which are not susceptible to these drugs, so it’s better to avoid them as they will do nothing but cost your money and potentially endanger your health .

2.Zinc & Vitamin C Health Supplements

Although some people might have you convinced that they’ve gotten better by just having that orange juice or a Vitamin C-containing canned drink or a zinc supplement, there is actually no scientific evidence to support that either supplements are actually beneficial . But hey , there’s no harm in having some orange juice anyways !

3. Cigarettes are Bad For Health & Cold

You maybe want to cut down on smoking as well , or better yet quit all together , because smoke actually irritates the mucous membranes covering the insides of your lungs and nose , which increases the chances of you getting a cold .

So there you have it , our top tips to keeping cold at bay . And of course , if you’re feeling particularly sick , you should always consult a doctor or a health care professional.

At JPR Home Health Care Services we offer 24/7 home health care services. You could have a licensed doctor or a nurse at your door steps anywhere in UAE.

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