Palliative care

Palliative care refers to a special medical care method that provides relief from symptoms and stress brought by severe diseases with the aim of enhancing life quality for both patients and their families. A group of health care providers usually offer it including doctors, nurses, social care workers among others who work jointly in order to meet the patient’s physical, emotional, social as well as spiritual needs.

Palliative treatment can be given at any phase of sickness not only during the last days or end of life. It seeks to reduce pain; control symptoms like nausea or tiredness while also addressing any emotional and spiritual concerns. Additionally, it helps patients make decisions about their care, besides assisting them through the often complex health systems.

Although people mostly associate palliation with end-of-life interventions, it can also benefit individuals suffering from chronic ailments like cardiac conditions; pulmonary infections or mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease etcetera alongside therapies aiming for a definite cure. The emphasis is put on enhancing overall wellbeing throughout the disease progression together with comfort provision.

Who needs palliative home care in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

The palliative home care services offered by JPR Home Health Care are beneficial for individuals of any age who are facing serious illnesses, including but not limited to:

  1. Cancer patients undergoing treatment or in advanced stages of the disease.
  2. Patients with advanced heart disease, such as congestive heart failure.
  3. Individuals with advanced lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  4. Patients with advanced kidney disease, liver disease, or neurological conditions.
  5. Those living with HIV/AIDS.
  6. People with advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Individuals with serious infections, such as sepsis or end-stage HIV.
  8. Patients with rare or progressive genetic conditions.
  9. Children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

Essentially, anyone facing a serious illness that significantly impacts their quality of life and requires holistic support for managing symptoms, emotional distress, and decision-making can benefit from our palliative home care service. It’s not limited to end-of-life situations and can be provided alongside curative treatment.

How can our palliative care service benefit patients?

Our highly skilled and DHA-licensed doctors, nurses and caregivers who provide home nursing services, including palliative home care services, can help patients in many ways regardless of their clinical condition or status: 

  1. Symptom Control: Our home nursing services in  Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah & Al ain, is delivered by home care professionals who are trained to manage symptoms such as pain, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath and depression. By controlling these symptoms effectively,  patients can have better comfort and quality of life.
  2.  Improved Quality of Life: Our home nursing & palliative care team in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is licensed by the DHA (Dubai Healthcare Authority) -and some by the MOH and DOH as well – focuses on improving the overall quality of life for people with serious illnesses. This means looking after physical health but also considering emotional well-being; taking into account social needs as well as spiritual welfare so that anyone living through such a difficult time may do so most comfortably and with maximum capacity for personal enjoyment and fulfilment.
  3.  Emotional Support: Dealing with a severe illness is tough both physically and mentally not only for the patient but also for their family members around them too. Emotional support is given by our teams who also provide counseling services where coping strategies are taught along side helping individuals understand how best they can handle different emotions associated with being sick.
  4.  Communication & Decision Making: A key component of any home nursing care plan, by any good home care/ palliative care provider, involves ensuring that communication remains open between healthcare givers involved in treating patients and the patients themselves and their families, especially when it comes down to sharing delicate information about ones’ health status which could change everything; more so where prognosis may appear bleak. Home nursing service providers therefore need the skills necessary to break bad news gently while at the same time encouraging dialogue among all stakeholders concerned, including patients themselves, so that they become involved actively when making decisions regarding what should be done next concerning treatment options….etc.
  5.  Coordination Of Care: Comprehensive service delivery requires close collaboration not just among various health institutions but also within each unit or department responsible for specific tasks aimed at ensuring continuity of care throughout the entire period required until full recovery is achieved by an individual. Palliative care providers have to work together with other healthcare care departments such as public health officials who may be in charge of vaccination campaigns against diseases like measles among others so that all necessary resources are put in place well before time thus avoiding any delay that might lead to worse patient outcomes.
  6.  Supporting Family Members: Many times family members become caregivers themselves when their loved ones fall seriously ill, hence becoming part and parcel of the treatment process which can also be emotionally & physically draining on them too, especially if there is no one else around who can take over from where they left off once fatigue sets in or some other related issue arises thereby making it essential for home nursing care / palliative service providers to not only provide support but also help educate these individuals about various aspects relating caregiving duties and other aspects of care.
  7.  Advanced Care Planning (ACP): It is important for everybody to always plan ahead regarding what would happen if a bad situation arose. Our experts facilitate conversations concerning advanced care planning so as to assist patients express their values, preferences & goals during this difficult period in their lives, thereby ensuring that people get treated according to their wishes particularly when their illness reaches advanced stages.
  8.  Holistic Approach: Palliative care adopts a holistic approach whereby all facets pertaining to the patient’s well-being are taken into account i.e., physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs must be met simultaneously if comfortability is to be achieved while the patient is still alive. 

This can be realized through our home nursing services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm AL Quwain and Al-ain. We have home care service providers who understand very well how best they could provide such diverse requirements thus enabling one to live his/her life with dignity even when they’re sick.

Do I even need a palliative home nursing service in Dubai ?

Whether palliative care is right for someone or not depends on their specific situation, desires, and care objectives. Here are some points to consider in deciding if palliative care is appropriate: 

  1. Critical Health Condition: Palliative care is usually recommended for people with severe diseases that affect their quality of life and need symptom relief and support. If you or your loved one has a critical illness like cancer, heart disease, lung disease or end-stage dementia, a palliative care or home nursing service provider may be helpful.
  2. Symptom Burden: Take note of the symptoms experienced by either yourself or your loved ones and how they affect everyday living. Pain, nausea, tiredness and shortness of breath are among the symptoms commonly managed by palliative care as a specialty. So if these disease manifestations cause suffering or diminish the quality of life; then taking up such services might relieve them.
  3. Goals Of Treatment: Reflect upon what goals you may have regarding treatment options available – and their outcomes. Our home nursing services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah & Al Ain, including palliation, can go hand-in-hand with curative therapies, but they focus more on enhancing comfort rather than curing disease alone. Therefore, if symptom control, alongside maintaining comfort while improving quality of life remains your goal; then a home care service would be right for you.
  4. Advance Care Planning: Have you ever thought about discussing with a healthcare provider or family doctor about end-of-life? This is where our home care team comes in handy by facilitating discussions related to advanced care planning so that one gets a chance to express his values/wishes/preferred approaches towards medical interventions etcetera.
  5. Support Requirements: How much help do I need when dealing with my sickness as well as when adapting myself after its consequences? We provide comprehensive support within our holistic approach which caters even to the emotional & social needs – both on the patient’s side and his/her relatives and family.
  6. Prognosis: It should be noted that palliative care is not only meant for people who are in their last days but can also be given during any stage of a severe sickness. Think about what your chances may look like and whether receiving supportive medical services aimed at improving the quality of life while managing symptoms could apply to you no matter where one might find him/herself in terms of illness progression.

Finally, it is advisable for individuals to work closely with their supervising doctors when deciding on whether or not they should opt for palliation as well as taking into account personal needs; values and preferences too. Therefore talking over these matters with your healthcare team members such that an informed choice, one which matches your desires/expectations, gets made, leading to better overall well-being

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Our home care remains in constant constant contact with the patient’s physician for optimal care.

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All of our clinical staff are highly trained with years of experience in addition to DHA-licensing.

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Our palliative home care service provides comprehensive support tailored to the individual needs of patients with serious illnesses, aiming to improve their quality of life and ensure that they receive compassionate and personalized care throughout their life. Our home care services include 24/7 home nursing coverage, medication management, help with activities of daily living and much more.

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