Postoperative Home Care

Postoperative Care in dubAI

The postoperative period refers to the time immediately following a surgical procedure. It’s a critical phase where the patient transitions from surgery to recovery, requiring specific care, monitoring, and attention to ensure optimal healing and minimize complications.

Postoperative home care is essential for patients transitioning from the hospital to their homes after surgery. It involves providing support, monitoring, and assistance to ensure the patient’s continued recovery and well-being in the familiar environment of their home.

What sets jpr home health care apart?

Why choose jpr home health care?

Postoperative home care requires attention to detail, adherence to medical instructions, and clear communication between the patient, caregivers, and healthcare providers, that’s why our highly trained nurses and clinical staff are the best choice for you and your family . We have been known to provide the best home health care services in UAE , including Dubai , Sharjah , Abu dhabi , AJman , Al ain and Ras al khaimah for years ,making us a top destination for home care seekers . .

Our postoperative home care services

Our home nurses and caregivers adhere strictly to the surgeon’s guidelines for wound care, including changing dressings, keeping the incision clean, and monitoring for signs of infection. In addition to the use of sterile techniques when changing dressings.

Our home care clinical staff  administers pain medications as prescribed by the surgeon to manage discomfort and ensuring proper dosage and timing.

Our home physiotherapist also  use heat or cold packs (as advised) to help alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

JPR home health care nurses and physiotherapists encourage and assist with prescribed exercises or mobility activities to prevent stiffness and promote healing. They help the patient move around as tolerated, following any specific precautions provided by the healthcare provider or supervising doctors .

We ensure the patient consumes nutritious meals to support healing and strength and adequate fluid intake unless restricted for any specific medical reasons.

We arrange and ensure attendance at follow-up appointments with the surgeon or doctor in charge. Our healthcare team also keeps in touch with the healthcare provider regarding any concerns, changes in the patient’s condition, or new symptoms.

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