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At Private Care Center, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the best kind of elderly care services for your loved one. To give the elderly a familiar and safe environment in their own homes, we offer senior home care services. Our skilled and compassionate senior caregivers provide personalized help and support that allows the elderly to maintain their dignity, independence, and quality of life.

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We provides extensive home care services for the elderly to personify quality care for every individual.​

Assistance with hygiene and incontinence care

We want all the seniors in our care to keep their dignity and stay as independent as possible, as we help them with the personal care it takes to stay clean and live with dignity.


Our caregivers are also trained to offer companionship to seniors who may be lonely or isolated socially. Participating in activities and providing psychological support positively influences the mental, emotional health of the elderly.

Medication management

With senior care at home, our caregivers can help seniors take care of their prescriptions, ensuring they are taken as prescribed and on time. By preventing harmful drug interactions, this program helps the elderly maintain their safety and well-being. They also assist with wound healing, among other things.  

At Private Care Center, there are many benefits of senior care services for the elderly.

Elderly Assistance Services Some of the benefits include:

elderly care services in dubai
elderly care services in dubai,

Why Elderly Home Care Service?

As people get older, they often face health problems and age-related limitations, leaving them incapable of properly looking after themselves. People who are above the age of 60 and are suffering from some chronic diseases like Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinson, arthritis, etc. require 24*7 care. All these elderly people are the target of home health care services for the elderly in Dubai.

Most of the elderly at-home care services include both health management, as well as diagnosis of health concerns, and health monitoring and improvement, physiotherapy and much more.

What Are the Advantages of Home Care for the Elderly

Home Elderly Care service: The main goal of the home based elderly care service is to provide the seniors with a better quality of life. We could support them with everything they need.

We provide you with high-end senior care at home in Dubai so you can always rely on the health of your loved ones. Will be the best care and support we can give.

Always Available

Your Personal Team of Nurses & Medical Professionals — Anytime & Anywhere

High-Quality Service

We ensure Fraternity of excellent service by adopting all guideline that are prescribed by the national & global medical standards. We have all evidence-based work in the field of diagnosis and medical care.

Personalized Care

Top-of-the-line diagnosis & treatment from our team of WINNING age management specialists

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