Best Elderly Care Service In Dubai & UAE.

Best eldery care service in Dubai.

Licensed nurses & caregiver to take care of your parents, grandparents and loved ones. Starting from AED 25/hour+ up to 16% OFF*

Licensed nurses & caregivers to take care of your parents, grandparents and loved ones. Starting from AED 25/hour +upto 16% OFF*.

       *T&C apply. Offer ends June 20th.

  • * T&C apply. Offer ends June 30.

Fully DHA-licensed

Our company and the entirety of our clinical staff, including nurses, are certified by the Dubai Health Care Authority.

High quality

Your health is the most precious thing you have and it’s our top priority that you receive the best home care service.

Home Care for all

Our home care service packages are priced with every budget in mind, cause quality healthcare shouldn’t break the bank.

Elderly Care, Done Right!

The elderly population have special physical and emotional needs. They might be in need of somone to help with the simplest of tasks like going to the grocery shop or cooking food or they might be suffering from more complex mental issues like depression, or emotional issues like loneliness. And life can get too busy sometimes for their family members to take care of them.

That’s where our best elderly care service in Dubai comes in. We give you a helping hand in taking care of your elderly loves ones. Our team of caregivers and DHA-licensed nurses are at the ready to attend to all seniors’ home care needs from feeding and diaper change to companionship and emotional support, you can rest assured that your parent, grandparent or  grand-grandparents are in safe hands. 

We Care Like Family!

Our elderly care service in Dubai offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to supporting the unique needs of older adults as they age. With a focus on promoting health, independence, and quality of life, our elderly care service encompasses a range of home care services tailored to meet the diverse needs of seniors.

From assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation to specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive impairments, our elderly care home care providers ensure that seniors receive the support they need to live comfortably and safely.

a nurse taking care of an elderly patient

Home Care & More.

Our elderly care service in Dubai includes medical services aimed at preventing, diagnosing, and treating health conditions common in older adults. This may involve regular check-ups, management of chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, medication management, and coordination with specialists.

Beyond meeting physical needs, our elderly care providers, including caregivers and DHA-liensed nurses, also address seniors’ emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Whether through companionship, recreational activities, or emotional support, our elderly care service providers strive to enhance seniors’ overall quality of life and foster a sense of belonging and purpose.

All The Care They Need.

At jpr home health care we have a special elderly care category of home care services formulated to meet the health needs of this ever-important and loved age group. The services we provide include :


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JPR Home Heath Care is dedicated to providing the best home care in UAE, including the best elderly care service. Our elderly care services are available in Dubai and all other emirates of the UAE including Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain & Al Ain.


All our caregivers and elderly care nurses are highly educated and trained to deliver world-class elderly care.

On top of this, all our nurses have many years of experience and are certified by the Dubai Health Care Authority for the provision of nursing services,

We’re committed to providing the best elderly care service in Dubai and all over the UAE, and the affordability of our services is of utmost importance to us. That’s why all our services are priced on individual basis according to each person’s unique needs, ensuring you get the highest value for your money. But, generally, our monthly service fees start from as low as AED 8000/Month.

Call our team in 0508738150 to get a more accurate quote.

Yes . Our home care services, including the best elderly care service,  are available in Sharjah, as well as all other UAE emirates.


Our home care & and elderly care services are available in Al ain, in addition to all other parts of the UAE.

We offer over 15 specialised home care services including a tailored elderly home care service that offers  a caregiver or a DHA-licensed nurse to help with the activities of daily living, medication management

So, Elderly Care Nurse ?

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