7 Reasons Why Home Care in Dubai is Better than A Nursing Home.

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Home care in Dubai is a vast landscape with tens of companies all self-proclaiming to be the best home health care service provider in the emirate. With an abundance of choices, some might wonder “Why shouldn’t I opt for a full-service nursing home instead? Is a home care service provider the best option for my parents?”

If you’ve been wondering about any of the above, then today is your lucky day. In this article, we’ll be diving into all the reasons why a home health care service in Dubai might be the better care option for your loved ones.

Generally, as people age, their families are increasingly faced with the critical decision of choosing between home care and nursing homes for their loved ones, who might be in need of care or assistance. Both options have their merits, but home care has emerged as the preferred choice for many due to its numerous advantages in terms of comfort, quality of life, and personalized care.

Here’s why you should consider a home health care service in Dubai :

Comfort and Familiarity:

One of the biggest benefits of home care is that it allows for a comfortable and familiar environment. The person will get to stay in his home, preferably with his family. This contributes greatly to emotional health by relieving some of the stress and anxiety faced by those going through an illness. It also enables those suffering from memory impairment, like patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, to remain relatively oriented because they are already familiar with their surroundings as opposed to being transferred to a completely new environment in a nursing home.

Home care in Dubai with your loved ones in focus.

In-home health care offers more personalized care and attention than a nursing home does. Caregivers- and other home care service providers – including the DHA-licensed nurses and doctors offered by JPR Home Health Care – can adjust services according to the specific needs and expectations of an individual and their family. Such customized approaches make it possible to provide targeted assistance in each particular circumstance, therefore ensuring the patient/client receives the care they deserve. Moreover, such flexible arrangements allow caregivers to adapt accordingly so that patients can follow their daily schedules without any interruptions.

Home care means staying close to family.

a home care patient receiving care at home holding his grandson

The quality of life of those receiving home care in Dubai is generally thought to be higher than for individuals placed in nursing homes. It enhances autonomy thus enabling them to have control over many factors about their daily living conditions while also allowing them the chance to pursue hobbies and interact with friends and relatives who play an essential role in mental wellness. Furthermore, there is no need for abrupt changes in lifestyle as may be experienced by seniors living away from their houses.

Family supervision, round the clock.

Home care fosters family involvement in caregiving activities. The presence of relatives provides comfort and motivation necessary for recovery when a patient goes through difficult moments during the treatment process. In addition, the patient’s family can help deliver certain home care services that the patient might feel more comfortable with a family member doing them, while still leaving most of the heavy lifting for the home care provider, who’s available at the patient’s side 24/7. Some family members might also feel the need to check up on their loved ones to see if they’re receiving the care they want for them, this way they can keep an eye on them whenever while also offering feedback or suggestions if need be.

Home care is more cost-effective.

Although there is no fixed price for home care in Dubai, home health care service providers often provide more affordable packages compared to nursing homes which are usually more expensive and don’t offer as much of a targeted care approach. Nursing homes usually have high monthly charges incorporating various types of services not necessarily demanded by all residents at all times, unlike the case for home-based nursing care services that are tailor-made to meet individual needs at the times when they are needed the most.  Also, most home care services in Dubai don’t require long-term contracts, so you could request care starting from only a few hours up to a year contract or longer. This can result in significant savings over time, making home care a more affordable option for many families.

 Home care is safer.

In recent years, the risk of infections has become a major issue in nursing homes globally due to health concerns.  Receiving care at home minimizes the chances of being exposed to diseases that spread quickly in shared – and often crowded – living arrangements such as those found in nursing homes. Thus, keeping your loved ones at home minimizes contact with caregivers and other residents, hence reducing their chances of contracting an illness and needing to – god forbid- be hospitalized.

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Home care services in Dubai offer continuity of care.

Finally, home care helps maintain the continuity of care that is needed when dealing with chronic conditions and overall well-being. Patients get used to seeing the same people all the time and this creates rapport that enables them to trust those who are looking after them leading to effective service delivery. Also, the caregivers, nurses and doctors offered by home health care providers, will get to know patients’ medical histories closely, hence they can attend to them immediately whenever any problem appears.

In conclusion, it is simply a personal choice whether to take your loved ones to a nursing home or have them taken care of in their own house. This decision also depends, in part, on the patient and family’s circumstances, both financially and socially. However, it remains an attractive option for a lot of people because it guarantees the compassionate, personalized assistance that people need in the environment they love most – home.

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